Benjamin and Lorri’s Maui Vow Renewal




Chat Log

nwb: ok
10:45 ustreamer-332050: waiting for Ben & Lorri ceremony
10:45 Stephanwb: send her the link that’s in your browser URL section
10:46 ustreamer-332050: no sound?
10:46 Stephanwb: yes, there should be sound
10:46 Stephanwb: turn your speakers up
10:46 Stephanwb: OR
10:46 Stephanwb: the video player might be muted
10:47 ustreamer-332050: it shows 100%
10:47 ustreamer-865033: They are in the limo!
10:47 ustreamer-865033: Just texted Lorri
10:47 Stephanwb: are your speakers turned up?
10:47 ustreamer-332050: yes?
10:48 ustreamer-332050: tell them Sam & the rest of the staff at Toronto Hyundai say CONGRATULATIONS!!!
10:49 ustreamer-036896: This is so amazing…Congratulations Lorri and Ben!
10:50 ustreamer-981915: Anna and Diana watching, wishing we were their…. we could have been your Bridesmaids lol
10:51 ustreamer-295357: test carlo
10:53 ustreamer-332050: Sam B watching … is it too late to fly down & be the best man??? lol
10:53 ustreamer-495122: Claudio, Roberta and the boys watching! Congratulations!
10:54 ustreamer-128943: can live stream the weather?
10:55 ustreamer-437397: Teresa, Steveand Victor wacthing! Congrats!
10:55 ustreamer-291894: Mrs. Bovolini and Mrs. Rizzi watching…. hi girls!
10:55 ustreamer-471568: hi
10:56 ustreamer-295357: Congratulations Lori and Ben…carlo fantin
10:56 ustreamer-471568: george is coming online
10:57 ustreamer-865033: Sarah Liberatore watching
10:57 ustreamer-981915: just went off line
10:57 Stephanwb: that’s correct.
10:57 ustreamer-865033: Zia Maria are you on?
10:58 ustreamer-128943: Zia Maria is watching with her brother
10:58 ustreamer-295357: Hi Zia Maria. its carlo fantin..
10:59 Stephanwb: we’re off air until the couple shws up
10:59 ustreamer-128943: Zia dosen’t know how to chat…this is Nada
11:00 ustreamer-522293: join the chatroom
11:00 ustreamer-557449: The MacEachern Family
11:00 ustreamer-865033: so excited!
11:00 ustreamer-493555: Congratulations, Dino,Monica,Guilia and Luca.
11:00 ustreamer-295357: Hi Nada. great day for a wedding! in maui..
11:01 ustreamer-128943: I need a tissue aready…..
11:01 ustreamer-222511: I’m here now …
11:01 Stephanwb: great day for a wedding
11:01 ustreamer-222511: this is Katharine Ng
11:02 Stephanwb: still waiting for the group to arrive
11:02 Stephanwb: standby
11:04 ustreamer-377739: Rick
11:05 ustreamer-222511: Hi Rick …. I got the final number
11:05 ustreamer-377739: here now
11:05 ustreamer-295357: come on stephan..I’m working and may go into a meeting..
11:06 ustreamer-080985: this is Ralston
11:06 Stephanwb: sorry.I cannot teleport people to the scene
11:06 ustreamer-522293: pauline did you see this
11:06 Stephanwb: i see the minister coming
11:07 Stephanwb: should get started in 5-10 min
11:07 ustreamer-128943: think Stephan means the couple are on their way
11:07 ustreamer-295357: thats good. where ben and Lorri do you see them?
11:08 Stephanwb: yes
11:08 Stephanwb: I see them
11:08 Stephanwb: will get them mic-ed up and then we should be good to go
11:09 ustreamer-743565: I can’t see them at this time
11:10 Stephanwb: still off air
11:10 Stephanwb: will start soon!
11:11 ustreamer-865033: Vince Liberatore just got on too!
11:12 ustreamer-377739: Hi it good?
11:13 ustreamer-113603: i can not see them
11:13 Stephanwb: standby
11:14 ustreamer-113603: thank you
11:15 ustreamer-128943: Stephan soome ppl having troubles logging in
11:15 Stephanwb: PRESS PLAY
11:15 Stephanwb: we’re LIVE
11:15 ustreamer-051916: woohoo
11:15 ustreamer-134593: IT’S HERE
11:15 ustreamer-044522: Finally…..
11:16 ustreamer-044522: so excited
11:16 ustreamer-051916: this is so cool
11:17 ustreamer-865033: oh my God…….how beautiful.
11:17 ustreamer-571093: so beautiful
11:17 ustreamer-080985: nice
11:18 ustreamer-150794: So cool
11:18 ustreamer-051916: so cool
11:18 ustreamer-295357: Ben looks great!
11:18 ustreamer-128943: is this being recorded
11:19 ustreamer-295357: Lorri looks beautiful as well
11:19 ustreamer-051916: So beautiful
11:19 ustreamer-051916: (Matthew Liberatore)
11:20 ustreamer-522293: nice
11:20 fcosta1: Wow!
11:21 ustreamer-139957: So beautiful and so cool!
11:21 ustreamer-960316: This is pretty cool, I have it on my 60 in TV, great, Ivo
11:22 ustreamer-051916: Ivo that must be amazing
11:22 ustreamer-295357: Congratulations, GTO
11:22 ustreamer-960316: and surround sound lol Ivo
11:23 ustreamer-775905: All of Toronto Hyundai watching … Congratulations!!! SB
11:23 fcosta1: Way to go Ivo! Congratulations Lorri & Benny!
11:24 ustreamer-865033: So, so lovely……..Lorri and Benny…….
11:24 ustreamer-150794: so sweet…. Leo
11:25 ustreamer-571093: Sharon and everyone at l Dr Weizenbergs office congratulations!!
11:25 ustreamer-044522: Congratulations once again from your cousin Anna nice to be part of this moment.
11:26 ustreamer-566999: You look beautiful Lorri,congratulation Ben & Lorri from Ray & Esther
11:27 ustreamer-566999: Beautiful having both girls there with you.
11:29 ustreamer-139957: Congratulations again Ben & Lorri. What a beautiful celebration! Love your cousin Pina and family
11:29 ustreamer-522293: Congr.
11:29 ustreamer-080985: Congrats to Benny and Lorri
11:29 ustreamer-714576: Congratulations Lorri and Ben! Love Teresa
11:33 ustreamer-865033: Congratulations! love, Angela,Vince,Sarah
11:41 ustreamer-865033: Oh we’re watching….
11:43 ustreamer-080985: that’s so sweet ( the girls dancing)
11:46 ustreamer-134593: very nice …. so beautiful and sweet.
11:46 ustreamer-865033: Aloha!!!!!!!!
11:46 ustreamer-080985: Aloha!!!!!!
11:47 ustreamer-495122: Aloha!! Congratulations! Love you all!!!
11:47 ustreamer-522293: Congratulation Lori and Ben
11:47 ustreamer-960316: Aloha congrats, ….Ivo
11:48 ustreamer-566999: Aloha, love always….Raymond, Esther, Jonathan & Jason
11:48 ustreamer-865033: Canada says Aloha Back…….Angela
11:48 fcosta1: Thanks for sharing your vows with us – it was absolutely beautiful. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Leung, Love the Costa Family.
11:48 ustreamer-981915: we loved being here and we feel the warmth looking and you on the beach congratulation
11:48 ustreamer-865033: Beautiful dress Lorri
11:49 ustreamer-080985: Hi Simona and Martina
11:49 ustreamer-051916: bye bye
11:50 ustreamer-784669: hi sim and martina! you two look great! this is william

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July 9, 2014