Grant and Crystal’s Maui Wedding




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Chat Log

4:53 ustreamer-711476: Hi from Will in Adelaide.
4:54 ustreamer-406554: hi from madie in perth
4:55 ustreamer-623004: Hi from Geoff in Cairns
4:59 ustreamer-729977: Hi it’s Tash and Pete here!
5:04 ustreamer-414554: anyone have video yet?
5:04 ustreamer-439925: not yet, no test either
5:04 ustreamer-347419: hello from Pete – NZ
5:04 ustreamer-654502: there was a test a few minutes ago
5:05 ustreamer-261626: got the chamoers crackeD!
5:05 ustreamer-439925: not received for our crew of 7
5:06 ustreamer-277505: Hi from Brisbane
5:07 ustreamer-030970: the test was at about 12:40, the rolling photos changed to show a ‘play’ symbol and the producer said it will be about 5-10mins late but all good.
5:07 Stephanwb: aloa everyone
5:07 Stephanwb: we’r here
5:10 ustreamer-524393: aloha
5:12 Stephanwb: my test computer is showing good video and audio… you should be good on your end!
5:12 ustreamer-414554: yes it’s great. thanks!
5:13 ustreamer-030970: streaming great!
5:13 ustreamer-524393: good here
5:15 ustreamer-380751: struggling here
5:16 ustreamer-380751: thanks, on now
5:16 ustreamer-744613: ok great
5:20 ustreamer-030970: just realised there’s a full screen button on bottom right corner of video … much better
5:20 ustreamer-744613: Ok. Yes that helps 😉
5:38 ustreamer-744613: How is everybody?
5:38 ustreamer-744613: Beautiful ceremony
5:39 ustreamer-665331: Thank you for giving us the opportunity to watch. Congratulations!!! Meryl, Norm & Kirby
5:39 ustreamer-744613: You are very welcome!
5:40 ustreamer-744613: There is a lot of joy here at Kapalua Bay
5:40 ustreamer-414554: oh gosh, that was lovely. Thank you for this and congratulations Crystal and Grant! xxx
5:43 ustreamer-623004: Congratulations, what a beautiful ceremony
5:44 ustreamer-030970: thank you stephan
5:44 ustreamer-170815: WooHoo Who’s Ya cousin!!! Congrats Crystal and Grant xxx Beautiful ceremony
5:44 ustreamer-744613: You are welcome everyone
5:45 ustreamer-744613: It was a pleasure to be a part of the ceremony
5:45 ustreamer-744613: Have a great rest of your day.
5:47 ustreamer-261626: Just beautiful Crystal and Grant. Love the Davies and Allen Family. Enjoy the champas for celebrations. Much love xo
5:47 ustreamer-261626: Who’s your cousin!

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July 9, 2014