Scott and Kristen Get Married on Maui





Blu Ray

Blu Ray discs offer image quality that is twice as good as a standard DVD. If you have a modern flatpanel TV with a Blu Ray Player, this is the high definition upgrade you want.


Live Maui Webcasts Blu Ray

HD Downloadable File

Do you have a computer or Apple TV hooked up to your TV? Or do you like to watch your movies on your computer? This “.mov” file download is the choice for you as it offers high definition image that’s twice the quality of standard def.


High Definition .mov File


If you ordered the LIVE package, you can still order a DVD of your ceremony here.Raw footage of your Maui Wedding

$200 [add_to_cart item=”Add: Blueray” showprice=”no” ] $200 [add_to_cart item=”Add-On: HD download” showprice=”no” ] $100 [add_to_cart item=”Add:DVD” showprice=”no” ]



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July 9, 2014