I recently happened upon this Wall Street Journal video in which the reporters chat about wedding vendor advice and what to look out for when selecting wedding vendors. While it’s a little older (it talks about being in the recession), some of the wedding vendor advice still holds true — especially on the islands.

Many well-intentioned people move to Maui and Hawaii, thinking they will start a business. Noble intentions and high enthusiasm can slowly turn to frustration and despair as the cost of living and remoteness begin to gnaw at you over the years. As a result, businesses and especially wedding vendors, come and go. That’s why it’s SOOOO important to use vendors with a solid track record on the islands and not the flight-by-night newbe who might not even show up to your big day.

The wedding vendor advice we give our couples is to

  1. look at the portfolio and find the style that suites you most;
  2. confirm how long a vendor has been in business;
  3. read reviews around the web, such as on weddingwire.com, yelp.com or google plus and get a sense of what clients are saying. Scan a few of the worst to get a feeling of what the worst tendencies are in a vendor. Sample a few of the best and the middle of the road reviews as well.

Whether we’re talking wedding cakes, event design, photography, calligraphy or videography, if the style is something you really love, confirm that the companies’ marketing material and samples are in line with clients’ actual experiences as listed in reviews.

Happy Planning!