Zackary and Crystal’s Maui Wedding


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Chat Log

5:45 ustreamer-029050: Thank you to Zach’s Dad for hiring this person to film! So glad we’ll be able to see it live!
5:45 ustreamer-902666: Thank you- Zach’s Dad
5:46 Stephanwb: and we’re back
5:46 ustreamer-842570: We can see now! Thanks!
5:51 ustreamer-844427: we aren’t getting any picture or sound…
5:52 Stephanwb: my test computer is OK
5:52 Stephanwb: is there perhaps something on your end? 427?
5:52 Stephanwb: maybe you may need to refresh browser 427?
5:56 ustreamer-910371: May the years bring so much happiness together. Aunt T
5:59 ustreamer-713244: aloha
6:01 ustreamer-331538: Yea Zack! I love you and welcome Crystal to our wacky family. Uncle Joe
6:01 ustreamer-029050: Congratulations!
6:01 ustreamer-902666: poppa and I wish youall happines -always- we love you both~~~
6:01 ustreamer-842570: Congratulations from New York!
6:02 ustreamer-902666: Tank you
6:02 Stephanwb: thank you everyone!
6:02 ustreamer-029050: Thanks to everyone who made this happen! We are so happy to have such a wonderful young man like Zach, join our family – from Lora, Crystal’s Mom

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July 9, 2014