[mashshare] Last December we shot a wedding with a story unlike any other. It was  an Ironwoods Beach wedding on the west side of Maui.

The wedding was intimate with a few friends and close family on-hand. For those who couldn’t make the trek out to Maui, Kim and Justin arranged a live webcast for their Ironwoods Beach wedding. We always enjoy having enthusiastic viewers at home watching along, but nothing could prepare me for the story that Kim’s mother had to share with after the ceremony.

You see, Kim who was born in South Korea had been adopted by an American family in the USA. While she was very young when she made the long journey, her obvious difference in features necessitated the adoptive parents to be open about Kim’s adoption. Later, when she turned 18, they were also supportive when she requested to go look for her biological parents in South Korea. Full of love and understanding, mom even went with Kim on the her journey to discover her ancestral past.

Miraculously, Kim found her biological parents. It was, as her adoptive mom explained to me, a tearful, yet joyful event, and one that eventually led to regular contact.

Then mom told me something that gave me chicken skin: the biological parents were on the live webcast in South Korea watching their long-lost daughter’s wedding.


We really love what we do day-in, day-out, however this was one of those moment when you REALLY see the value the service provides. Simply amazing and we are so grateful to have been given the opportunity to connect family in such a way.

Bride’s Magazine blog recently  published a piece on 3 things Kimberly learned from her Maui Destination Wedding. The three things are:

  1. Involve Everyone You Love with a Live Webcast;
  2. Keep memories close by wearing heirlooms;
  3. Enhance your location with complementary accessories.

Involve everyone you love. 
How did the couple share their wedding day with friends and family around the world? “We streamed the ceremony via web cam!” reveals the bride. “I was unsure if people would want to watch the ceremony on their computers from far away, but I was so excited to hear that people were going to get together and have viewing parties!” Guests from all over the world logged in to be a part of the wedding, even though they couldn’t be there in person

You can read the entire Bride’s Magazine piece here.

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