Tim and Todd's Maui Wedding

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4:35 Stephanwb: aloha everyone
4:35 Stephanwb: we’re on location and setting up
4:38 ustreamer-483183: Hello! We are excited for the wedding!!
4:40 ustreamer-363278: up and ready in Bozeman! Love to you dears!
4:45 ustreamer-083746: Hey, we are ready for to share your wedding in Billings, MT!
4:48 Stephanwb: great…
4:48 Stephanwb: everyone seeing this?
4:49 ustreamer-083746: Indeed, the two of you look fantasic!
4:52 ustreamer-363278: no sound?
4:52 Stephanwb: we had it off for while we setup
4:52 Stephanwb: it’s on now!
5:04 ustreamer-483183: Congratulations from the Leversons! So honored to view this beautiful wedding!!!
5:04 ustreamer-363278: can you introduce everyone?
5:09 Stephanwb: i’ll have tim and todd introduce the guest
5:11 ustreamer-083746: woohoo, love you guys! Enjoy your Honeymoon! Walt and Lily
5:12 ustreamer-363278: great, thanks! We might know some of them from a long time ago!
5:13 ustreamer-363278: Love you, Tim, from so long ago, so dear to me, congratulations to you and Todd. Love, Lynne
5:16 ustreamer-170926: Congrats Todd & Tim! Love Dustin, Shelbi & Olivia Tiroux