Couple: Saleema and Shawn
Photographer: Joyce Chin
DJ: DJ Scott of  Maui DJ Services
Location: Getting-Ready at private residence up from Puamana and reception at Pacific’o in Lahaina
Notes: Saleema and Shawn wanted us to cover the entire day of festivities, starting off with hair, make-up and hanging around the residence up from Puamana. It was the weekend hurricane Ana was to hit and they very much nervous whether their wedding would literally be washed out. They had no backup plan and would have had to cancel the entire affair. As luck (and the Big Island’s Mountains having broken up the storm) would have it, we only ended up with a bit of cloud-cover. As you can see, it made for a dramatic video!

I was waiting to be able to watch the video on the big tv screen (had to wait for shawn since i didn’t really know how to hook up my computer to the tv) but anyhoo FINALLY we watched the highlights video yesterday and it is absolutely beautiful! You did a wonderful job and I am totally in love with our wedding day all over again! Thank you for such wonderful memories!

Saleema Granen

Saleema and Shawn's Maui Wedding, FULL DAY