Richie and Dena’s Wedding



7:39 ustreamer-638016: yes. Mcgoverns. Loud and clear 7:44 ustreamer-578673: am i in 7:44 ustreamer-578673: It’s Lisa B – do I just wait now? 7:45 ustreamer-159709: yes, lisa 7:47 ustreamer-226030: I am all smiles! Your cousins, The Codys! 7:50 ustreamer-981745: testing from Slidell, LA… 7:50 ustreamer-710261: mrs. Helen & Jackie are heere watching 7:51 ustreamer-981745: Ford’s are watching. 7:52 Stephanwb: we’re just getting set for the ceremony 7:52 Stephanwb: we’ll be back live soon… 7:57 Stephanwb: standby…still holding 7:59 ustreamer-152330: Ready to see this… Regan and Don 7:59 ustreamer-497793: We are ready to watch….Love, Jen, Abby, Ava, and Russ 7:59 Stephanwb: standby 7:59 Stephanwb: we’re still holding 7:59 Stephanwb: waiting for Dena 8:01 ustreamer-578673: I’m already starting to tear up! 8:01 ptterlover: hello 8:03 ustreamer-466558: beth robert says waiting from south louisiana while eatin crawfsh xoxo 8:03 Stephanwb: hi everyone… still holding 8:04 ustreamer-226030: Even have your favorite Aunt Bob in the house. (The Codys) 8:04 ustreamer-776011: can’t wait to see this beautiful wedding! 😀 8:04 ustreamer-776011: (the readeaus) 8:08 Stephanwb: still waitng…please standby… 8:09 ptterlover: ready? 8:10 ptterlover: It should be otterlover ( The Ducotes) 8:10 Stephanwb: the wait will have been worth it though 8:10 ptterlover: yes 8:13 Stephanwb: should get started shortly 8:13 Stephanwb: just got the word 8:13 ustreamer-159709: yippee 8:15 Stephanwb: press play 8:15 Stephanwb: we’re on! 8:17 ustreamer-617114: no sound 8:17 ustreamer-294216: ive got sound 8:18 Stephanwb: make sure youre speakers are turned up 8:18 Stephanwb: i’ve got sound on my test computer 8:24 ustreamer-987015: paddle faster! 8:24 ustreamer-159709: look how beautiful!!! 8:26 ustreamer-497793: this is lovely… 8:27 ustreamer-142676: absolutely beautiful! 8:28 ustreamer-159709: breathtaking, Dena….love you, Mary 8:34 ustreamer-159709: i’m down 8:34 Stephanwb: my test comp still strong 8:35 Stephanwb: 709… is your internet fast enough? connection ok? 8:37 ustreamer-226030: Don’t you know how boring our Baptist weddings are? I am smiling and crying at the same time. I love, girl! Amanda Cody 8:42 ustreamer-567971: back on, finally 8:50 ustreamer-746350: Dena you are beautiful!!! 8:51 ustreamer-746350: Love you Dena everything is beautiful…..Dawn Babin Bizzle 8:53 ustreamer-226030: Ohana means family! Welcome to the family, Richie! 🙂 8:53 ustreamer-567971: congratulations!!! 8:53 ustreamer-497793: Congratulations! Beautiful! 8:53 ustreamer-746350: CONGRATS!!!!!!! 8:53 ustreamer-497793: congratulations…beautiful…love, JenJen, Russ, Abby, and Ava 8:54 ustreamer-142676: congrats!! love, the gonzales’ 8:54 ustreamer-070778: So beautiful! Felt like I was there with y’all! Loved it…Alli 8:56 ustreamer-746350: Awesome with the doves 8:56 ustreamer-243293: Congratulations! Wayne Westmoreland 8:57 ustreamer-746350: I want cake now… 8:57 ustreamer-567971: me too!!! 8:57 ustreamer-226030: I agree with you! ^ 8:58 ustreamer-226030: Congratulations! Love you, Aunt Bob! 8:58 ustreamer-466558: beth robert- congrats, beautiful setting love yall both <3 8:59 ustreamer-226030: Thank you for inviting us! It was AWESOME! Jimmy, Amanda and Corbin 8:59 ustreamer-567971: good job, Richie 8:59 ustreamer-617114: congratulations!! Beautiful!! 9:00 ustreamer-568897: Congratulations! beautiful! Cyn and Neal 9:00 ustreamer-578673: SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! 9:00 ustreamer-072719: Congratulations Dena and Richie. We love you both! Gorgeous setting and beautiful wedding. Love, Don and Regan 9:01 ustreamer-981745: That was amazingly beautiful! Love you guys and best wishes on your wonderful new life together! Love, Theresa

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July 9, 2014