Couple: Richard and Vernon
Location: Hanalei and Kapa’a, Kauai
Photographer: Local Kauai Photographer
Notes: Richard was very fond of how we incorporate interviews into some of our films and wanted a piece that did more than just showcase the beauty of the island of Kaui. He felt we were the most qualified to do it, even if it meant paying more for us to fly out from Maui.

When we arrived in Lihue and drove through Kapa’a, it was bright sunshine, however, blue skies gave way to torrential rains as we hugged the coast up toward Hanalei. It was a pure rain out up there. But rather than bemoan our fate, we shot a few scenes in their rental unit and hatched a plan to head back to Kapa’a where Richard’s parents were staying and do the ceremony there.

Of course, as luck would have it, the macro rain system had spread east and affected Kapa’a as well. We scouted out potential areas at the Marriott where we could stay relatively dry and still have a nice backdrop. And that we did. A beautiful and dense tree provided a nice canopy and we were able to get the ceremony and some post ceremony shots in before the rain started up again.

The piece that resulted was such a pleasant surprise to us and completely enamored Richard and Vernon. We are so happy about it and how it highlights WHO THEY ARE.

Many thanks for your trust and support, Richard and Vernon.

We love it! You did a great job with it. I showed it to a handful of people at work today, and everybody cried.
Thank you so much for being so helpful and flexible the day of the ceremony and for providing us with such a beautiful video to share and cherish.
Richard Vernon

Richard and Vernon's Wedding, 2Hour