Ralph and Nikki’s Wedding




3:27 ustreamer-647375: thanks for the update
3:35 ustreamer-564063: did I miss it?
3:43 ustreamer-028026: hasnt started yet so no havent missed it
3:44 ustreamer-882518: here but how do I join in?
3:47 ustreamer-028026: gotta love hawaii time 🙂
3:52 ustreamer-882518: my screen is not blank – it has changing pictures and the off air symbol so am I here or is there another place I need to go to watch it?
3:53 ustreamer-085644: join the club
3:53 ustreamer-028026: i dont think i has come on air yet it says off air still and my pictures going passed
3:54 ustreamer-695871: Wendy
3:54 ustreamer-188565: the admin should be on any time now to try a test
4:55 Stephanwb: we’ll test in a second
4:57 ustreamer-188565: have video and audio
4:57 ustreamer-028026: yay starting
4:58 ustreamer-882518: on!
4:58 Stephanwb: PRESS PLAY if haven’t done so yet
5:12 Stephanwb: PRESS PLAY
5:13 Stephanwb: we’re getting started
5:14 Stephanwb: everybody see
5:14 Stephanwb: ?
5:14 ustreamer-188565: good to go here
5:14 ustreamer-085644: yes we can
5:17 Stephanwb: awesome
5:19 ustreamer-254386: Congratulations Nikki and Ralph you are a beautiful couple. May you always be as happy as you are today. Love Judy and Harold xo
5:22 ustreamer-074336: You look absolutely stunning and incredibly happy Nikki! Congrats girl :).
5:23 ustreamer-846780: WHOOO HOOOO!!!!!
5:26 ustreamer-594916: you both looked aweome love the dress, conrats from Carl and Wendy McBride in Trenton,ON…oxoxoxo <3
5:26 ustreamer-277322: Congratulations Nikki and Ralph!
5:26 ustreamer-077128: Mitch & Brenna send our love!!!!!! Congrats you too, Nikki you looked beautiful.

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July 9, 2014