Caitlyn and Elijah's Maui Webcast

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Event: Caitlyn and Elijah’s live webcast
Date: March 26th, 2021
Time: 5:00PM HI time (8:00PM PDT/ 11:00PM EDT)

Notes: Caitlyn and Elijah are getting married and have invited you to join in their celebration via live webcast. The wedding is scheduled for Friday, March 26th, 2021. Please come back around 7:30pm (California time) that afternoon.

Chat Log

  • Mayra and Tracy 5:49 PMCongratulations we love you
  • Fraumeni Clan 5:49 PMAloha!
  • Carlos & Lorena 5:49 PMCongratulations! It was beautiful!!
  • Lori & Keith 5:49 PMCongratulations to you both! It was a beautiful ceremony!
  • bri 5:49 PMaloha loves ♡
  • Daniel 5:49 PMCongratulations! love the cake topper!
  • Casey & Emily 5:50 PMaloha, love you family!
  • Papa Stern & Savanna 5:50 PMtime to party! Mahalo
  • Daniel 5:50 PMWish i could have been there!
  • Hannah Fields 5:50 PMAloha! Love you both!
  • Cousin Christine 5:50 PMCongratulations 💛❤️💙💜🎉🎉🎉🎂💚🍾🎉🍾‼️🎈🎈🎈🎈🎊😊💖😘🎁❤️💙💜💚🍾🎉
  • Anne Gahagan Thomas attending from Fort Myets FL 5:50 PMI ran out of hankies. What a beautiful cerememony. So glad to be included in this beautiful day. Best to the sweet bride and groom. Nighty Night.
  • Tonya&kids 5:50 PMcongrats we love you
  • Congratulations to you both! So happy to celebrate with you!5:50 PMCongratulations & Aloha!!
  • Kathleen Avanzino 5:51 PMCongrats and Aloha!
  • BJ & Mark 5:51 PMMy goddaughter is soooo beautiful.
  • Congratulations to you both! So happy to celebrate with you! 5:51 PMIvan & Sonja love you!
  • Cristina and Johann 5:52 PMCongrats #caijah!!
  • Congratulations to you both! So happy to celebrate with you! 5:56 PMYou look BEAUTIFUL Caitlin!! -Sonja
  • rosa 6:03 PMI absolutely loved it . Congratulations to my handsome cuz elijah love you it was great seeing you again . Caitlin its a pleasure welcoming you to the family kissess and hugs to both .