Anna & Sam's Maui Webcast

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Event: Anna & Sam’s live webcast
Date: April 2nd, 2021
Time: 5:30 PM HI time (8:30PM PDT/11:30PM EDT)
Notes: Anna & Sam are getting married and have invited you to join in their celebration via live webcast. The wedding is scheduled for Friday, April 2nd at 5:30 PM HI time (8:30PM PDT/11:30PM EDT). Please come back around 5:00PM that afternoon. There will be a live broadcast player and chatroom below like the one depicted in the image.

Meade’s 5:10 PMHello all.
Miller’s 5:17 PMwhat’s good folks? It’s Brian and Alyssa
Miller’s 5:18 PMWe’re here in Pittsburgh, hope all are well
Judy 5:19 PMAll good here thanks
Leanne & Bill 5:20 PMVery excited!
Admin Michael 5:23 PMAlright, we are live and maybe just a bit ahead of schedule
Leanne & Bill 5:25 PMHi Mary and Carl!
Leanne & Bill 5:28 PMYES! Beautiful!!!
Congratulations ❤️ 5:45 PMSo beautiful!
Hi everyone! 5:45 PMFaye- Congratulations Sam and Anna!
Claudia 5:45 PMCongratulations! Aloha!
Leanne & Bill 5:45 PMCongratulations to Anna and Sam! Love You!
Alex & Dylan 5:46 PMCongratulations! Love you both!
Mary 5:46 PMCongratulations!!
Nicole 5:48 PMCongratulations!
Meade’s 5:48 PMCongratulations. So happy for ya’all.
Patricia 5:49 PMCongratulations! 🍾
Judy 5:50 PMCongrats! So glad I could watch it xoxo
Admin Michael 5:52 PMMahalo everyone!
Michael 6:14 PMCongratulations