One thing I learned: Live webcast your wedding for the people who can't make the trip. It's a really thoughtful way to include them.
- Martha Stewart Weddings, November 2010
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Hawaii Wedding Promise

Whether on outer islands or for an Oahu wedding, we keep a laser-like service focus on four very specific groups of people:

1. the Hawaii wedding videography couple who has planned to travel a long way and at great expense to be on Maui with the one they love;

2. the viewing audience of our Hawaii wedding webcasts, DVDs and Blu-Ray disks who take the time to be a part of the Hawaii wedding experience;

3. the wedding planner who believes in us and our work enough to recommend us to their valued clients;

4. the Live Maui Webcast team who’s creative drive and inspired service drives every Hawaii wedding video production.

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Hawaii Wedding Videography

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Resorts are popular for couples seeking the whole package: accommodations, wedding details, reception venue, as well as Hawaii wedding videography. Here are some resorts that have worked with us.


… and many of the islands BEST independent Maui wedding coordinators who seek the best that Hawaii wedding videography has to offer.


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